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Project Description
The FloatableWindow for Silverlight was put together by Tim Heuer, based on the original ChildWindow control in the Silverlight 3 SDK.

I've taken it a bit further and tweaked other parts of it, as well as adding a minimise button.


One of the major failings of Silverlight for business applications is its lack of support for an MDI environment. In my opinion, this is essential for creating large scale applications, with a lot of data that requires comparison. The taskbar demo, will provide just that.

New features

An optional minimise button
Minimise event handler
Minimise and Maximise Window states and animations

A demo project featuring a taskbar and how to use it in conjunction with the extended floatable window (effectively creating an MDI environment)


I would like to thank Tim Hueur for the original work done on the Floatable Window, see his CodePlex project page here:
His blog posting regarding this control is available here:

I hope you all find this useful

Please note: All of this was done in Visual Studio 2010 and Targets Silverlight 4

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